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Uhh, Exactly 5 Weeks From The Start Of The Season Penn State's Hoops Coach Just Resigned After An Internal Investigation

Uhh what the hell? I'll be honest no one and I mean no one saw this coming today. Pat Chambers just straight up quitting exactly 5 weeks from the start of the season. Now, it's being reported that this resigning ended up being tied to this story that came out in July 

The reason I bring that up is Pat Chambers is coming off what was his best season ever at Penn State. Oh as I type this blog, this tweet just came out: 

He just finished up his 9th season and was 21-10 and likely making the NCAA Tournament - something that he never did before. They still have a good group coming back despite losing Mike Watkins and Lamar Stevens. Guys like Myeron Jones, Myles Dread and Izaiah Brockington, all sophomores. Not saying they would win the Big 10 or anything like that, but another NCAA Tournament wasn't completely out of the question. It's not like Chambers was going to get fired for performance after last year, even though he was on the hot seat going to last year. 

The crazy thing is how did the investigation take this long? Like I said that story come out in July and the resignation is coming now. Feel like that should have been done before this late in the offseason. Most people assumed it would lead to his firing, but again, that was all back in the summer. 

Now we're 35 days out and Penn State doesn't have a true head coach. They are promoting Jim Ferry over Keith Urgo as interim head coach for now: 

Either way this is massive news in the college hoops world. I'll update the blog as reports come out. 

Here's Chambers statement: