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Its The Year 2020 And Scientists Say They've Discovered A New Organ In Humans


"Scientists have discovered a new organ: a set of salivary glands set deep in the upper part of the throat. 

This nasopharynx region — behind the nose — was not thought to host anything but microscopic, diffuse, salivary glands; but the newly discovered set are about 1.5 inches (3.9 centimeters) in length on average. Because of their location over a piece of cartilage called the torus tubarius, the discoverers of these new glands have dubbed them the tubarial salivary glands. The glands probably lubricate and moisten the upper throat behind the nose and mouth, the researchers wrote online Sept. 23 in the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology."

Just when you thought you'd seen it all in this year's Royal Rumble of headlines, scientists are now announcing that a new organ just dropped.

What a time for the Big Man to release an update!  People were holding out hope for a software update that increased intelligence or maybe one that fixed the "take your dick out during a work zoom call" glitch, but you can't always get what you want huh?  Talk about a development here.  I mean no wonder we can't cure COVID19, we don't even have all of the organs in our goddamn head mapped out?  And I'm supposed to believe we're going to magically cure this global pandemic?  What is next, we're going to find a brand new continent that we just hadn't stumbled upon yet?  This a tough look for all of the millions of doctors and biologists in history.  Tough to swallow (no pun intended) when they discover a new aspect of the thing you've been studying for literally thousands of years.

P.S.  I saw this while looking for more information... what an aggressive tweet here.  Yikes!