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LSU Has Banned OBJ For 2 Years For Handing Out $2,000 In Cash After The National Championship

So we all remember when OBJ passed out that "fake cash" on the field after LSU won the National Championship this year, right?

Welllllll, turns out that it was real. And it was $2,000 worth of $100 bills. And LSU has just banned him from their facilities for 2 years.

Damn, LSU shitting all over OBJ here. Because if there's one rule at Louisiana State University, and I literally only mean one rule, it's that they only pay their athletes IN PRIVATE. No cash exchanged in public, OBJ. Or if you really want to help the program, just pay the parents of the really good players to not show up to a fake job.

The father of former offensive lineman Vadal Alexander received $180,000 in stolen money from LSU booster John Paul Funes. The money was payment from 2012 to 2017 for what the NCAA characterized as a “no-show job.”

Oooooooh. Scandalous. Listen guys, I teach middle school students as my side job, and when Career Day rolls around, I hear some of the most absurd answers when kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers to name a few. But no one ever says they want to have a big ass offensive lineman of a son and work a "no-show job" for $180,000. In my opinion, THAT'S the American Dream. But unfortunately, the NCAA has determined that getting paid for no work is against the rules. And before the NCAA could hand down their punishment, LSU has decided to handle it internally.

I love a good "self-reporting" penalty. We'll tell you what the punishment should be before you tell us what the punishment should be. And shockingly, LSU has decided that a postseason ban is far too serious for these incidents.

LSU and NCAA officials communicated as recently as July about potential penalties. A postseason ban was part of the discussion, sources told SI. The school decided against self-imposing such a stiff penalty. The issue is now in the hands of the NCAA.

So the NCAA gets to decide if LSU was harsh enough on themselves? Uhhh, I have a hunch as to which way this one is going to go. If this were Ohio State and they got a couple tattoos out of the 25 cent sticker machine, we'd probably ban them from the College Football Playoff for life. But LSU? I'd imagine they handled this one juuuuust right on their own, with these weak ass recruiting reductions they self-imposed:

Recruiting reductions include the elimination of 12.5% of official and unofficial visits, a 21-day reduction of the normal 168 days of allowable off-campus contacts and a six-week ban in communication with prospects.

Okay, LSU. Yeah, a slap on the wrist should do here. Anywhere else in the country, this would result in the Death Penalty. But instead, let's just reduce the days of off-campus contacts from 168 to 147. Seems reasonable.