The Bruins Should #BringBackThePoohBear Jerseys As Their "Reverse Retro" Uni's And Even Matt Grzelcyk Agrees!

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I feel like I write this blog every year, but I've been shouting from the roof tops for years that the Bruins should bring back the Pooh Bear jerseys, and now with the news that every team is getting a "reverse retro" jersey (as YP blogged yesterday), it is time for the Pooh Bear to resurrect. 

Even Matt Grzelcyk agrees!

"I haven't heard anything but I feel like with that one [pooh bear] especially, people either love it or they hate it, I think it's pretty cool to be honest, it's got that unique yellow look, and I'm sure not everyone is a fan of it but, I certainly am. I wonder if they could maybe put their own spin on it."

It is true, you either love it or you hate it… but for me it's pure nostalgia. I think if they put a modern twist on it it could be one hell of a "4th" jersey.

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Speaking of Grizzy's new deal… hell of an opportunity for him. I had a brutal migraine over the weekend and didn't get a chance to blog the news of his extension. 4 years with an AAV of $3.6875 million. I think a lot of people were surprised at the cap hit but I wasn't. I think this is a great deal for the hometown kid and by year 2 or 3 people will say he's underpaid.

With Torey Krug's departure and the uncertainty if Zdeno Chara is coming back, no one is more poised to break out than Grzelcyk. It remains to be seen whether he'll partner with fellow BU d-man Charlie McAvoy, but Gryz is gonna get top minutes, he's gonna get to quarterback the top power play, and I think if you asked anyone in that locker room they're stoked to see Gryz get promoted. MASSIVE opportunity for him and I think he's gonna run with it.

After an abysmal offseason I'd love to see the B's #BringBackThePoohBear. 

ps Jake DeBrusk is the only RFA remaining without a contract

pps the offseason has been a tire fire but that's a blog for another day

(h/t Jamison Coyle, NHL Network)