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No More NBA Finals Jokes, Rick Reilly Took Them All

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.54.42 AM





BANG! That is how it’s done. Move out of the way world, Slick Rick is back stateside snapping necks and cashing checks (checks somehow worth millions of dollars).



Favorite part of this tweet is Rick sending it now, almost 12 hours after Game 3 ended. Probably was up all night staring at the ceiling tossing ideas around in his head, workshopping his way through the rosters. “Steph Curry has played bad and his last name is a food. Draymond Green, last name a color. Curry making Warriors fans Green in the face, no, that’s not it. What about Klay and Tristan having the last name Thompson, is there something there? Come on Rick, think, THINK god dammit!” As the old saying goes, a beautiful mind never rests.




Rick having his hot wife lounging in the Italian sun as his twitter background is so fucking cocky, maybe the only thing I can respect about him.


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