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Comparing Chase Claypool to Larry Fitzgerald After Five Career Games Is the Most Insane Thing on the Internet Today

I'm sorry, what?

For whatever reason, FOX is trying to hype up No. 3 Notre Dame playing 2-3 Pitt this week — a game which will be televised on ABC, so that doesn't even really make sense, but whatever — and in order to do so, came up with quite possibly the most ridiculous comparison ever posted on Twitter.

After 335 yards in five career games we're really asking people if Chase Claypool will have a better career than one of the best wide receivers of a generation? I had to re-read this several times just to make sure I was really seeing it correctly. And I obviously clicked on the poll to see how many insane people there are out there, and it turns out it's 15 percent of this sample size. Several hundred people really read that and thought it was a rational response to say that Claypool will have a better career than Larry Fitzgerald.

I'm assuming the vast majority of those responses has to be from Notre Dame fans. And not Notre Dame graduates, mind you, because I believe those people are smart enough to know that admitting you think something like that is wholly irrational. Those votes came from Steve in Highland Park, Illinois, who never attended a class at Notre Dame but grew up Catholic so he joined that insane, cult-like fanbase.

If you are not a Notre Dame fan and intentionally responded in favor of Claypool in that poll, please log off for the day. To be fair to those people, though, Claypool is only about 17,000 yards and 116 touchdowns behind, so maybe FOX is on to something here.

In light of Tennessee-Alabama this Saturday, do we think Tua Tagovailoa will have a better career than Peyton Manning?