Remember That 7'2 Unicorn That Dominated Rudy Gobert? He Was An Absolute Beast In His First Game Of The Season

Remember this from only a few days ago?


Well apparently Wembanyama just had his first game of the season and holy moly it's getting impossible for me to be anymore IN on this kid than I am right at this moment. He's only 16 years old and he had no problems whatsoever against grown men. I won't pretend to know what league this is or what the caliber of talent is, but I do know that what I just watched was impressive as hell. Imagine what this kid could be once he gets into a weight lifting program? The skillet is all I care about right now and from my eyes this kid appears to be able to do it all. Protect the rim, hit threes, put the ball on the floor, no wonder Mike Schmitz called him arguably the best prospect in the world

Remember how skinny guys like Durant or Giannis or Embiid were when they were this young? They seemed to turn out OK. That one legged fadeaway on the baseline is about as unguardable as it gets. As someone who had no idea Victor Wembanyama existed like 4 days ago, I now cannot get enough of watching his highlights. 

Everyone knows that in 2020, a big part of reaching the NBA is how good your highlights look on the internet. That's especially true if you're an overseas prospect. Maybe this kid flames out, maybe he actually ends up being the next generation's Kevin Durant, but either way there's no denying that what we are seeing him do at 16 years old is impressive as hell. I'm pretty sure when I was 16 I was over the moon that I was finally tall enough to jump up and grab the rim with one hand (notice I didn't say dunk, credit to me for being honest). That was a big deal at the Saturday runs at the Worcester JCC (shoutout Bob Berman) lemme tell ya.  

So yeah, I'm all in on this 7'2 unicorn. Can't wait to find out he was taken RIGHT before Danny Ainge was going to pick him!