How Shitty Of A Teammate Is LeBron For Refusing To Go To A Celebratory Dinner With The Rest Of The Lakers?

[TMZ]. -TMZ Sports got footage of Dwight Howard, Danny Green, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma and Dion Waiters hittin' up Delilah ... and the evening looked awesome.

The guys -- along with their significant others -- all were dressed to the nines ... and YG and Tyga joined the festivities later in the night as well!

No sign of LeBron James or Anthony Davis ... maybe the Dodgers' World Series game kept them glued to their TVs at home?

The shittiest? But we already knew that. Because what other great teammate and star would not party with his own teammates in the city they live in AND sabotage the next star of the Lakers at the same time. I know Anthony Davis spent time with LeBron on Team USA, but this is Laker and NBA LeBron. This is how Anthony Davis gets completely sabotaged. He needs to do the right thing and get back to Lexington and get back to his roots of being humbled. Not this LeBron follower. Not a guy who skips dinner to probably post some corny ass Instagram with LeBron instead. Not even being a hot take guy. This is just being a good teammate guy. How many different examples do we need of LeBron being a shitty teammate? Hell, just look at the last two years with the Lakers alone: 

And sure you can make the argument that LeBron is the reason the Lakers are even here to begin with. But you know what? What happens next year if the Lakers struggle again? Everyone is going to remember this moment. The moment it was him and AD vs everyone else. The moment there are trade rumors and LeBron gets pissed at Frank Vogel. At least do the respectable thing and show up and then come up with some bullshit excuse to leave early. You can't no show IN LA. 

PS: 100% chance he shows if it's at Blaze Pizza

PPS: Kyle Kuzma should have showed up with every girl he was rumored to have dated the last calendar year. Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, Nicole Shiraz and Winnie Harlow. It truly was the year of Kuzma. Here are your pictures: