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TikTok Star Bryce Hall ALLEGEDLY Attacks A Waiter And Blows Smoke In His Face After Being Told Not To Vape In A Restaurant

Source - TikTok star Bryce Hall can't seem to go out to eat anywhere in L.A. without getting into a fight ... this time, he and his crew were involved in an ugly brawl at a Mexican restaurant, but Bryce says it wasn't his fault.

The violence broke out Monday at Cinco Mexican restaurant near LAX, and video shows Bryce and his boys in a huge scuffle with staffers on the outdoor patio.

Sources with direct knowledge of the incident tell TMZ ... Bryce and his buddies were hanging out on the patio before playing golf at a nearby course, and things took a turn for the worse when a server told Bryce and co. to stop vaping.

It's illegal to vape at restaurants in L.A. but we're told Bryce and his boys refused to quit and Bryce allegedly blew smoke in a staffer's face when asked to stop.

Sources say Bryce and his friends were asked to leave and given the check. When their server went inside to run Bryce's credit card, all hell broke loose.

The Video:

Here's what Bryce had to say about the situation... 

Now, Bryce tells us he was vaping, but says he was cordial when the manager asked him to leave. He claims the trouble started when he had to ask to get his credit card back more than 10 times … and the the manager allegedly told him, "No, get the f*** off the property."

Bryce alleges the manager grabbed him and tried to drag him away, sparking the bigger all out brawl. He claims he only put the guy in a headlock while defending one of his friends. In the end, Bryce says the manager kicked him in the nuts.

Regardless of who you believe, I think we can all agree that TikTokers are just built different. Lil Sas put it best…

That said, I wish the fight had happened like a week ago so we could hear his side of it on the BFF Podcast. Especially considering he was JUST telling Dave about how he's getting smarter. 

Regardless, this video just further proves that TikTok stars are taking over LA. They're young, rich, and apparently becoming entitled which is great. I'd love nothing more than to revert to the days of young celebrities not giving a fuck. Remember when Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton would literally have to be carried out of the club after a night of partying? They didn't have hide anything and these guys shouldn't either. Live your life, kings. It's your world, we're just living in it.