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Dislocated Shoulder And All, Cody Bellinger Hits a Bomb Off Glasnow And Brings Out The Foot Taps Celly

Dislocated shoulder? Tyler Glasnow? No biggie, we've got a BELLI BOMB in Game 1 of the  World Series! This man is getting hot at the wrong time for Tampa Bay. Dude absolutely crushed that baseball. His third homer in 4 at bats against Glasnow in his career. I'm still kind of confused how it didn't go further considering Cody put literally all of the power in his body into the swing, but this whole ballpark is bizarre. Nothing travels at all. How Rob Manfred okay'd this stadium to be built is beyond me.  

The real story here is the celebration from Cody and his teammates. No more jumping arm bumps or whatever you call those. Nope, instead we're onto vicious foot taps now! Well played, safety first for the boys in the World Series. 

It is stunning that the Yankees weren't the first team to get hurt doing this jumping elbow thing considering Stanton and Judge are usually the ones blasting homers and jumping around doing it. Just some food for thought. 

P.S. Kershaw is just a few innings away from an amazing start in the World Series. He's got his run support, just get six more outs and run to the clubhouse!