The Day After Their Worst Home Loss, Mike McCarthy Deserves ALLLLL The Smoke

It's six games into the season, the Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East, and yet everything still sucks. 

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Want to know something sad? At any given moment, if you peek into my internet history, you can find a list of articles read on possible O lineman the Cowboys can target in trades and free agency along with MULTIPLE mock drafts that give me O lineman prospects in this year’s draft. 

Yep. I’d say I’ve moved on towards building for the future. 

Back to last night’s game though.

I. Have. Questions. How can this be the MOST prepared this team has been all season and ALSO be the worst loss in AT&T stadium in MANY years? How can this team be THE MOST prepared they’ve been all season and YET everyone knows that ALL position groups were absolutely atrocious? How can these two tweets exist at the same moment in time? 

That can’t be possible, right? 

No. What IS possible is that Mike McCarthy fucking sucks. If you can’t even be consistent and get your story straight after a historic loss, you have lost touch with reality, you clearly are in over your head and you deserve ALL the smoke from fans, players and ownership. 

I think it’s safe to say Mikey Mac might be on the brink of losing the locker room altogether. 

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Nothing that’s happened on or off the field this season gives anyone confidence in McCarthy and his staff. From play calling to defensive schemes to an utter and complete inability to alter a game plan, the Cowboys have appeared LOST for most of this season. Outplayed. Outcoached. Unprepared. 

They aren’t the worst team in the league, but they’re getting there fast. I’m not saying this team is the Jets but they are VERY close to being the Jets. If the Cowboys were in the AFC East, they would FOR SURE be last in the division. 

Last night’s game had only one silver lining: it put a coffin nail into the Dak v Dalton debate. Like anyone with a brain bought into that anyway. People really thought Dallas could just sling the ball around, give the ball to Zeke and keep the leakiest defense in the NFL off of the field, but that was a lie. That was fiction. Untrue. They made it up. It was false. Turns out Dak made this offense look MUCH MUCH better than it actually is. With Andy Dalton at the helm, this offense had less points than turnovers for almost the entire game. 

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Really wish Greg the Leg would have made that 58 yarder. Hahahaha.  

Where do the Cowboys go from here? It’s clear Dalton isn’t Dak, but if Zeke can hold onto the ball, they should be able to at least compete (especially in games within the division, like next week against Washington). Dalton’s best at dink and dunk, and fortunately the Cowboys have receivers who can do that well. But anyone who ever watched Dalton in Cincinnati, they know he’s always going to throw horrible picks. Last night he should have had three, maybe 4 picks AND a safety. 


And when you have guys like Chase Young that can create pressure and throw little guys like Andy Dalton around like a rag doll, and an offensive line with the “veteran” having three years experience? That means it’s gonna be a long, long season of watching this team struggle to score. 

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Blow it up. Lose on purpose. Get a good draft pick. Winning the division doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Make trades, get rid of your weapons and rebuild the O line and the secondary. 

Bring on 2021, because I just put a fork in this season. I hear some guy named Leatherwood could be our future LT. 

Come watch me die live on delay in the final 2 minutes of last night’s game, which literally begins with (another) catastrophic defensive lapse.

And for the love of God, buy a CeeDee Lamb t-shirt. He cashed both the o4.5 and o60.5 yards AGAIN last night. #brightspot