Fuck It, Let's Get Weird - The Kid Who Starred In The 90s Classic 'The First Kid' Is Running For President And Wants A Debate With Kanye West

[Page Six] - “Mighty Ducks” star turned independent presidential candidate Brock Pierce is attempting to lure Kanye West into a debate. He’s holding it in Cheyenne, Wyo., in hopes that West — who owns a ranch in nearby Cody and is running on the Birthday Party line — will accept the invitation. We’re told there has been no word back from the rapper.

First things first we need to set the record straight. Brock Pierce is not a Mighty Ducks star. Not in the slightest. He played young Gordon Bombay during one scene. That's not a star. However, he is the star from The First Kid. Remember that movie? It was AWESOME

I've blogged about him before in fact

But you know what? I'm in the entertainment business and nothing will entertain me more on a Tuesday night (until MACtion) than this debate. This isn't even political, just think about the debates. We've talked about Ken Bone and a fly. Give me this strictly for entertainment reasons and just ask them things about rap and 90s movies. Debate D2 vs Mighty Ducks. Debate whether or not Gordon Bombay is a good coach. 

Fuck it, let Taylor Swift be moderator. Like I said, give us content because I live to be entertained. Let Kanye start rapping, bring in Adam Banks. I don't care. Just entertain me and right now nothing sounds more entertaining than The First Kid vs Kanye.