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Now This Is Some Quality Trolling Of LeBron's Championships

Listen, I can respect the commitment to trying to chop down the basketball accomplishments of LeBron James. It's always good for a nice chuckle. I saw that picture come across my timeline and I laughed. Not only because it was funny, but because I know what it does to a lot of LeBron fans out there

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You can't work on the internet and not respect a good troll job so bravo to whoever made that graphic. Even if it is rather ridiculous. We can all be adults and admit that right? Sure it was annoying when LeBron went up on that stage and demanded his respect, as if there are people out there that seriously disrespect him as a basketball player, and part of me thinks it's because he's online so much he sees tweets like that and doesn't get that it's a troll job. It's either that or he really thinks being called the 2nd greatest player ever behind Michael Jordan really is a slight. 

But back to the graphic. The first one, that is attributed to Kyrie. This is my favorite. Sure, Kyrie hit that big shot, can't take that away from him. But do you know why there was even a big shot to make in the first place? LeBron James. Dude put up 29.7/11.3/8.9/2.3/2.6 on 48% shooting in that series. I'd also say that block on Iguodala was pretty important. 

The one attributed to Ray Allen. Once again a teammate made an incredible shot. One of the biggest shots in Finals history no doubt about that. That was in Game 6. They still had to play a Game 7. LeBron threw up a nice 37/12/4/2 on 52/50% with 5 3PM in that game. Seems pretty important to why they won. 

The dig about the shortened season, well I don't really have anything fancy to say about that one other than if you want to say this then you have to keep the same energy about one of the Spurs rings, which nobody does. Nobody says Duncan has 4 real rings and 1 fake ring do they?

And finally, the bubble ring. I've said from before the games ever started that I did not consider this an asterisk title and that it very much counts like anything else. Can't change my tune now that the Lakers won. That would be weak as hell. When the whole league has to deal with the same shit and you toss the ball out to a neutral court and let the best team win, it's as deserving as any. And look, the dude put up 29.8/11.8/8.5 on 53% shooting in these Finals. That's fucking absurd. 

So while I can enjoy that graphic for what it is and how upset it's going to make LeBron fans/Lakers fans etc, even I can admit it's mostly bullshit. But sometimes when LeBron comes out and keeps shutting the haters up, you have to double down and hate harder.  That's just the name of the game.


Come on, you knew I couldn't end this blog without including this clip. Day 1 blogging stuff.