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In Kirk We Trust And The Hawks Move to 5-1

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Well don’t I look stupid.  All week I’ve been bitching and moaning about how Kirk couldn’t make a decision at quarterback.  How a two quarterback system would never work (I guess I was kinda right).  How he’s an idiot for not just riding with the younger, cannon-armed CJ Beathard.  How Jake Rudock was nothing more than a QB who doesn’t have the arm strength to put it over the top and loves nothing more than check down receivers.  I’m willing to admit when I was wrong and I was dead wrong.  The Hawks looked spectacular today.  Especially on offense and especially during the first half.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that first half.  Some of the most entertaining football I’ve ever seen.  Big play after big play after big play.  At one point Iowa scored touchdowns on three straight plays.  It would appear the Hawks found their much needed deep threat in receiver Damond Powell who big had 72 yard TD reception today.  The Hawks scored 38 points in the first half which was more points than they’d scored in an entire game this season.  Jake Rudock looked great, going 19 for 27 for 207 yards with two TDs and zero picks.  CJ Beathard looked horrible in the one series he did play.  So that should put an end to the two QB system Kirk and the media talked about all week.  At least for now.  Mark Weisman got in on the scoring with two touchdowns.  All in all, a great effort out of the Iowa offense today which is something we’ve rarely been able to say this season.


Another thing that should be noted is that on two of Iowa’s scoring drives, Kirk went for it on 4th down.  I don’t know what happened to Conservative Kirk but I can tell you I like Kasino Kirk a lot more.  A LOT more.


The defense looked a little iffy at times.  Especially in the early going when both teams were scoring points seemingly at will.  During the first half Indiana matched almost every big play of Iowa’s after going down 21-0 early.  The Iowa defense allowed Tevin Coleman to run all over them with 219 yards on just 15 carries.  The guy was basically a video game.  Desmond King had his first interception of his career and took it to the house.  So that was cool.



The Iowa defense would get two more interceptions and only allow 116 yards through the air to Indiana’s quarterbacks. Not the worst day for the Iowa defense but certainly not the best.  Good enough though.


So here we are. The Hawkeyes stand at 5-1 through 6 games (2-0 against B1G opponents) and may have found an identity on offense if Damond Powell truly does become a go-to deep threat and Rudock is willing to toss it over the top.  I feel good about where we’re at and I didn’t think I’d feel that way after being angry with Kirk all week.  Next up, Maryland.


Oh and Kinnick looked dope today.  Always love when they do this.  Well done.


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