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'I Got My Dunkies' Chick Voting at Fenway is the Queen of Boston. May She Reign Forever

I'm sure there's at lot of people who thought that Bill Burr Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale commercial on SNL was an exaggeration. An overdone caricature, and that Massholes can't possibly sound and act like that. 

Guess again.

This young lady doing her civic duty is exactly what Boston chicks are like. Not all, of course. But if aliens came to our corner of the world and asked for a representative of us that they may study in order to understand the natives of this region, she'd be perfect. The mask of the four teams. A Cam Newton jersey. She wanted to vote at Fenway cuz we've all been cooped up in side for a little bit. She got her Dunkies. She's voting for Biden even though she wanted to vote for Bernie Sandizzzz, but it's a team sport, and "sport" has two syllables. 

She's simply a magnificent local treasure. And the total genuine article. Authentic as hell and not just playing a character for the TV cameras. If she doesn't have a Bruins tattoo on her ankle and dog named Papi and has been to fewer than seven Duckboat parades, I'll be positively shocked. If I wasn't already spoken for, I'd want to marry her and rule the city with her. But I'll be happy to bend the knee to Her Majesty, the Soverign Ruler of all Massholes. God save the Queen.

P.S. On a very related note, did anyone else besides me notice that Bill Burr's son in that Sam's ad was the same guy who was Casey Affleck's buddy in the Dunk's Christmas ad a couple of years ago? Right down to the same outfit. 

They're building a Masshole parody ad cinematic universe.