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CM Punk Is Ready To Whoop Hulk Hogan's Ass In Real Life, I Think


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If there is one thing I know about CM Punk it’s that he does not fuck around when it comes to Hockey. I honestly think part of his retirement from the WWE was due to him just wanting to be able to watch the Blackhawks more. So yeah, this could theoretically be staged but it’s not. CM Punk wants to beat the fuck out of Hulk Hogan in real life and I for one could not be happier. I love Hulk Hogan, legendary American, but not these next 2 weeks I don’t. CM Punk for life.





This actually made me miss wrestling. I still casually watch but the internet has sort of killed Wrestling, at least how I used to consume it. The fun for me was pretending everything was real and getting engrossed in the plots, basically watching it like you watch any other Drama series. Yes I know it’s not real but it was entertaining to pretend it was real for a few hours a week. But now with the internet everyone has spoilers and real life story lines come out and blend with the fake ones and it’s ruined it. I have a simple mind that enjoys simple entertainment, now everything is overanalyzed and my dumb brain can’t handle it.