These Kids Hunting During Class Have School Figured Out More Than We Ever Did

I thought I had it figured out in college.  Showing up and reading Barstool GTA's during class and surfing around watching hockey highlights while the teacher droned on about 17th century European politics.  It felt extremely lucky to be a kid alive during the age of laptops and cell phones, when just a few years earlier you had to doodle on paper with your pen and (gasp).... USE YOUR BRAIN to entertain yourself when you were bored during class.  Oh my lord, how torturous does that sound?  I've even heard stories of ancient times where our parents used to pass physical notes to each other to communicate for entertainment.  Literally, writing with a pencil (a prehistoric tool used to make marks on paper) just to send maybe one sentence back and forth at a time.  By the time I was in college, I felt like George Jetson reading El Pres and KFC on my old brick of a Macbook when I should have been condemned to learning.  That was luxury.

Well it turns out my era was basically the stone age, because the #KidsTheseDays are taking a pterodactyl level bird shit on our heads with these antics.  Straight up out in the woods hunting during "class" and FILMING IT!  I was so scared to get caught not taking notes on my laptop, and these kids are out in the woods hunting and doing a touchdown dance in the teachers face filming it for social media!  Its incredible.  I can't say I don't respect it.  These are the next leaders of our society and if multi-tasking school and outdoors activities is where the world is headed,  I think we could be doing a lot worse.

Shoutout to this kid looking like a young Mike Iaconelli and woo-ing these girls in his class with a little Bassmaster Classic impression on the zoom call.  They had to be just smitten with his skill and intensity on this hookset.  Pure emotion.