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Break a Sweat You Won't Regret.

Hungover? Feel like shit in the morning?

Trying to exercise when you don’t have a set regimen like when you are a collegiate athlete is tough. I gained 20 lbs after my football career was cut short and realized exercise is extremely important for just feeling high energy high T all day. here's a couple of quick exercises and tactics to crack a sweat to get it going wake up feeling good. All of these are designed for right before you get in the shower and start your day. 

I like to do some of these in the bathroom while the hot water is running because then your working out in a really humid hot space almost like a sauna. A boiler room also works really well. Just turn up the heat for alittle. I think this is the premise behind hot yoga but that sounds soft so this is just "Sweat you won't Regret". Not an anabolic or exercise for gains by any means but a good "better than nothing" workout that will keep your energy levels high and get you that endorphin rush to start the day. This is supposed to be using least amount of equipment so you can just rip it in your boxers.

Exercise #1

Jump rope till you start sweating usually about 5-10 mins then from that moment jump 3 minutes straight no stopping.

This is all you have to do. You can even just jump up and down and pretend you have a jumprope in your hand.

Exercise #2

cycle 20 pushups 20 mountain climbers and 20 seconds of planking till you get a sweat. That cycle usually takes one minute so do it as many times as you can till you get a sweat going. I usually try to do it at least 5 times. But if its a Sunday morning there no shame in ripping 3. Just try to get the heart beating and lungs going. 

Exercise #3 

100 body squats. Do as many as you can with as much rest as you can just make it to 100 should take about 10 minutes. 

Exercise #4

Wall Sit 5 minutes straight. Just sit on a wall. Maybe grab something heavy if you can. feel those quads burn and know it will pay off after the sweat. 

Exercise #5

(20 hip bridges alternating with 20 flutter kicks)X 5 

You can do 1 of these or all 5 depending on how you feel. 

Literally no downside to doing these even if you suck. Getting a sweat in the morning gets your energy up to conquer the rest of the day. Heck you may actually get a good workout in later in the day if you do one of these shitty ones because your too overwhelmed in doing a big powerlifting workout or you just don’t have the time. These arent for gains its more for getting your brain right when you aren't feeling it.