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The Funniest Part In "Wedding Singer" That No One Talks About

Last week the Lights, Camera, Pod fellas posed the question: 

"What's a movie that makes you laugh no matter how many times you watch it?"

Plenty come to mind. Happy Gilmore. Superbad. Three Amigos. The Wedding Singer. Luckily for me the 1998 Sandler classic was on cable the other night so naturally I watched it all while quoting most of it as well when one scene got me more than it usually does.

It's the bar mitzvah scene where Sandler sings a cover to "That's All" while the chubby kid grabs Drew Barrymore's ass, but that's not the reason why I was doubled over upon seeing this scene for the thousandth time. Nope. It's George. 

"Take it, George," Sandler says as he hops off stage for a bit of dancing himself while George starts to serenade the room with some clarinet. Then within .4 seconds the clarinet is replaced with George wielding and blowing into a giant saxophone like it's no big deal. 

How'd he make the transition so quickly? We'll never know. Happens off screen, but still a subtle bit of comedy that I feel like my fellow Sandman stans will appreciate, but most others won't.