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There's No Way On God's Green Earth That Skittles Are Only The 19th Best Candy

Whoa, whoa, whoa. 

The disrespect for skittles is absolutely mind-boggling here. I don't believe it. 19? 19! Whoever put this list together, and however they did it obviously has some chocolate bias because we don't get a fruity / taffy type candy until 13. And that's low for Starburst. 

This kind of lists always has some of these nonsense rankings to get folks riled up, but there's just no justifiable way you can say that the original Skittles aren't top 5 let alone top 10 or 15! 

Butterfinger? See ya. 

Milky Way? No way. 

3 Musketeers? Give me a break. 

When I trick or treated I'm throwing all those to the neighborhood kid who tagged along that none of us liked but our parents were friends with. Chocolate is a delicacy. It's a year round candy. You can consider it a dessert. You have it around Christmas time. You have it with a glass of wine every now and then. 

Halloween is all about the max amount of sugar, and candy candy - not chocolate. Give me all the skittles. All the starbursts. All the sour patch kids because that's the only night and week of the year that you can at least maybe get away with downing those. 

Skittles don't deserve this kind of disrespect, and I won't stand for it.