No One Has Ever Fished Harder Than This Guy Who Is Clearly Not Hung Over At All

I just want to have this dude's back for a second.  There is NO WAY he is hung over and simply on this boat because he wanted to complete the minimum requirement to be "fishing".  There is NO WAY that his pride made him come on the boat because he didn't want to stay back because he was too hung over.  NO CHANCE that in his head he just keeps fantasizing about how unbelievably comfortable and warm and cozy his bed would be and how he would feel so good after some food and a little nap.  He's just out there fishing his ass off and looking for a monster.  These are the hard earned inches that make the difference between minnows and Marlins.

I haven't seen someone going this hard since this good old boy slept through his friends attempt at the redneck alarm clock this past weekend.