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Blogger Culture Is Not An Aesthetic

This has been my look for as long as the day is long. I wake up in the morning and aptly tie my leather vest tightly so that my titties pop, I toss on some jeans, and I wait.

What am I waiting for?

I’m waiting to see if that’s enough. Typically in my climate-controlled home, jeans and a bustiers are more than enough to keep my legs and torso warm. As you know, my penis and legs can become as chilly as a Davis. Terrible pun! I’m so mad at myself I could 

Nevertheless, when my legs and torso are extra cold, I do what any fashion-forward Blogger does, I toss on a pair of sweats over my jeans BUT, I do this not in any ole way. 

Oh no, my friends. I do it with a style and pizzazz that you usually only see on pizza reviews because, when it comes to fashion, you only get one bite at the apple. Those are the bylaws.

That being said, turning our culture into some trending trend for some likes and retweets can only be summarized by the circumcising king himself, Tim Tebow.

When it comes to fashion and the appropriate uses therein, give me the 34 respects, damnit.

Sorry for swearing, Tim.