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Am I Weird For Watching 20 Mins Straight Of A Chiropractor Cracking This Girl's Back?

I was perusing all of my daily websites looking for a story to give my hard, pipe hitting analysis and hot takes on this morning when I stumbled upon this video. The thumbnail enticed me enough to click it, and for what should be very obvious reasons:

It was on YouTube, so I was perplexed. I clicked on the video and was fully expecting the Dr. to tell the girl she could make $1000-5000 a day in his line of work, but that never came. Next think you know I'm at the 13:24 mark of the video and no, I didn't fast forward to the good stuff like I typically would in the very videos both you and me are thinking about. 

For whatever reason it had me hooked though. I watched the entire thing and at the end of it I was thinking about calling up a chiropractor to go and get my back cracked. It was really goddamn soothing watching this, and I'm not even kidding. Just sort of cathartic. 

Does that make me a weirdo? Absolutely. I cannot refute that whatsoever. It doesn't stop there though; this doctor has honey after honey coming into his office and I'm on hour 2 of watching his videos this morning. They're almost as good as the videos the dude with the fucked up scar on his arm pumps out!!! 

Like I said, honey after honey. And the videos do NUMBERS too, all things considered. And by all things considered I mean they're fucking videos of a dude cracking girl's backs. Don't care though. They're oddly satisfying. Yes, I'm fucked up in the head. This is me Papa Doc'ing you assholes. 

This is your opportunity to call me a perverted freak in the comment section. The floor is yours.