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John Cusak Revealed What Jordan Said To Kobe During This Iconic Picture Proving That MJ Was Always An Elite Shit Talker

This is an iconic picture: 

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

Jordan and Kobe playing against each other during Jordan's final years. Kobe running him over before helping him out while MJ is on the ground laughing and smiling. Why? Well Cusak finally revealed why. 

'Everyone in the fucking building knew you weren't going to pass the ball.' 

Just a perfect one-liner by Jordan. Remember during The Last Dance and the All-Star Game what MJ said about Kobe? 

The dude is an elite shit talker. He might be a better shit talker than basketball player. 

We need more of this across sports. Give me dudes, who are as great as Jordan, hate everyone. I've blogged it before and it's been said by numerous people. Sports are supposed to be full of hate. Hate a rival. Hate people who aren't teammates. Give me more shit talking, even if it's the last year you play. I don't care if your friends later, but during the game give me this. Give me all the shit talking possible.