The Lakers Celebration In Vegas Looked Like One Of The Worst Parties Of All Time

As you get older you realize there are many types of different Vegas experiences you can have. When you first start going to Vegas the strip is the greatest place you've ever been in your entire life. Once you get past the dudes passing out hooker trading cards and you go from casino to casino drinking as you please, it's all wonderful. But then you can go to Vegas and do nothing but chill out and play golf, go to spas, maybe a show. The point is you can have many different types of Vegas.

Well one of the best types I always thought was NBA Championship party Vegas. That's where the good stuff is. Well, that's apparently before the world ended. I have to be honest for a second. That championship celebration looked awful. I'd almost prefer to not even win the championship if that's how the celebration is going to look. I guess that's the one asterisk everyone wanted to put on this NBA title. The post title celebration is no where close to the same. And I'm sure things are a whole lot different behind closed doors, but look at those videos. There's like 15 people there and I bet half are staff. That video of JR Smith in the booth might have been the most depressing thing I've ever seen in my life. Compare that to THIS

and I'm almost embarrassed for the Lakers. Have some pride. Does this look like a Magic Johnson 80s era sex party? Because that's what you should be having. You're the goddamn Lakers. That shit looked like an awkward middle school dance where you're just trying to not get a boner during the first slow dance. 

I'm going to need to some behind the scenes footage from this party get leaked or something because as of now the Lakers should be ashamed of themselves. 


On a separate note, one of the best things you can do is go to Vegas during Summer League once life gets back to normal. Partying on the strip is a whole different level when the NBA is in town.