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7'3 Unicorn Prospect Victor Wembanyama Gave Rudy Gobert The Absolute Business

Ok, hand up. That two minute video was the first time I've ever seen Victor Wembanyama in my life. Before I laid my eyes on that human cheat code, I had never had one thought of Victor Wembanyama. Well now that I know he exists, I'm all in. You watched that video right? The one with a 2x DPOY and Vinny Sex Pants? This dude makes Rudy Gobert look like a child. I mean he was nailing contested jumpers right in Gobert's eyeball. Even if he's only going 50%, that's still pretty goddamn impressive. Handles like that at 7'3 are insanely impressive, and is sort of hard for my brain to comprehend. Imagine what that looks like when he's like....20. How would that video make you feel as a Jazz fan though. You're franchise guy is getting cooked by a teenager for the world to see. Not great!

But back to Wembanyama. I had to see if there was more video of this guy somewhere on the internet. Why couldn't this be the next unicorn player. Last time I checked there aren't a whole lot of 7'3 guys with skills of a guard walking around. These type of dudes are the future, remember Bol Bol???

Fortunately, there is a whole lot more of Victor Wembanyama out there. 

Insanely skinny. But whatever, that'll change over time. The skillset is what matters. If Mike Schmitz, who is basically the smartest person on the planet when it comes to talent evaluation and international prospects is saying that he's arguably the best talent in the world, I'm in. He knows a whole hell of a lot more than me. As someone who relies almost exclusively on YouTube highlight videos which many say is the most in depth way to scout a prospect, I'm so in it'll make your head spin.

Compare that to Emoni Bates, the other 16 year old phenom

and you can already hear the disappointment of Knicks fans when they somehow get the first lottery pick after one of them would be available. If this Victor Wembanyama fella turns out to be some sort of Gobert/Porzingis hybrid, well then holy shit.