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Quick Rodgers Update: Everyone Needs To Chill The Fuck Out

Rodgers throws 2 interceptions - his ONLY picks of the season - and all of a sudden people start acting like Rodgers is dead. Forget about the career-high numbers he's put up in the first 4 games, or the fact that he was the only quarterback heading into week 6 without an interception, or that he's only had 9 INTs since week 3... of 2017, he made two mistakes and obviously that means his run is over, he's done. Cue the "this is why they drafted Jordan Love!" conversation.

Sure, bench the future Hall of Famer and put in the rookie, third-string quarterback. Makes perfect sense! Maybe if Jordan Love was taking the snaps instead of Rodgers, the Bucs wouldn't have scored 28 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter! 

OR maybe everyone needs to settle the fuck down! It's ONE quarter of a week 6 game! I get we're all used to seeing Rodgers be Rodgers and have come to expect perfection out of him this season because that's what he's shown us, without or without star receivers, but it was a bad (admittedly, really bad, like overthrew a wide-open Marcedes Lewis bad) 15 mins - CHILL THE FUCK OUT.