Steelers Beat The Living Shit Out Of Cleveland, Move To 5-0

Just another day at the office. 

Looks like the Browns will have to wait potentially another administration in the oval office before they beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I mean total domination. 

Sooooo many Browns fans this offseason and this week chirping. 

"Steelers will look good at 6-10"

"Browns bout to beat that ass"

"Browns by 60"

All I can do is laugh. Did they really think those were going to be the outcomes? Have they not learned by now? Big Ben moves to 24-2-1 against Cleveland in his career. But that's expected. We're not throwing any parades like Cleveland would have if they would have won. Hell, they might have if they would have kept it within a score. 

They got their dicks kicked in today. The Steelers are 5-0 and remain in first place. Let's hand out some game balls. 

The Defense

Really. The whole defense. They were that good. They set the tone from the very start. First drive Minkah Fitzpatrick jumps a slant perfectly and takes it to the house to return to Minkah form of 2019. Remember the 3rd down struggles from last week? Gone. Cleveland went 1-12 on 3rd downs on Sunday. Cleveland's offense had the number one rush offense in the NFL coming into Heinz Field. They gained 75 yards on the ground for the day. 4 sacks. Another INT. Just total domination. 

Think they heard all the chirping online and coming from Cleveland this week. 

Minkah Fitzpatrick

Yes, he's included in the defense, but we'll shout him out for making a Minkah splash play to set the blowout up early. People online were complaining about his lack of "splash" through the first four games, and he shut them up really quickly on the Browns first drive. Special, special player. 

James Conner

Cleveland got all the talk about their running game coming into the week and James Conner stole the show. 20 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown. He's been really, really good since Week 1 and we're all eating our words about him heading into Week 7. He's been consistent. He's been tough. He's held onto the ball. He was my pick for Steelers offensive MVP heading into the season, and he's certainly right up there almost midway through the year. 

Kevin Dotson

The rookie 4th round pick stepped in for David DeCastro and played exceptionally again against a tough front. Myles Garrett was lining up on his side with Chuks a lot of the afternoon and we really didn't hear much from Myles Garrett. He had one sack. But he didn't come close to being a deciding factor, obviously. 69 is looking like a stud early on, and you love to see that kind of depth up front. 

All in all just dominance. The game was over early. Big Ben was a game manager because the run game was so dominant and the Browns offense couldn't do anything. It sucks that it looks like the Steelers are going to lose Devin Bush for a long time, possibly the whole season, but other than that not much to complain about at all from this performance today. 

On the road to 5-0 Tennessee next week for a big one. Here We Go. 

Order your Victory Monday shirts now because there's a lot more coming (we hope).