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Tennessee Fan Calls Into Postgame Show To Explain How His Wife Left Him Because Kentucky Kicked Their Sorry Ass

I know many of you will say this is fake and clearly a made up story. My response to that is you simply don't understand SEC football then. If you don't think some hillbilly from outside Knoxville chucked a couple beer bottles through the window after Jarrett Guarantano threw a bunch of pick-6s, you simply don't know SEC football. Kinda hard to blame him here though too. I mean if I had to watch this disgusting color, in a dump of a city do this? I'd throw beer bottles too

Dave put it perfectly with this video. SEC football fans are just different 

Really this just makes me question this guy's wife. You know you're marrying a lunatic, especially when it comes to college football. Is this chick not a Tennessee fan? If that's the case, this story gets 100% funnier if she's a Kentucky fan. But leaving your husband for a broken window or two? That's part of the game, sweetheart. You sacrifice a broken window or two for a happy life. 

Ah, it just warms my heart hearing this. The sun is shining a bit brighter today. The air smells a bit fresher. The smile is a bit bigger. There's simply nothing better than seeing miserable Tennessee fans. What an all-time call.