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The New Jaguars Kicker Has Never Attempted A Field Goal During A Game IN HIS LIFE! Dont Care. He Looks Cool As Fuck And Deserves a 6-Year Contract

This is exactly the type of news I needed to hook me back in. Ole Jon Brown. Who woulda thought? Not me. Imagine that. Imagine never kicking a field goal in your life and the next thing you know you are on the world's biggest stage during the 1pm kick during week 6 with Chris Myers, Brock Huard, and Greg Jennings on the call. Granted, the people getting to see that game without the benefit on the Sunday Ticket. How small?

Pretty small. A 45 minute circle outside of Jacksonville and Michigan. Nevertheless, it's a huge game and maybe the biggest 1-3 vs 1-4 game in the history. 

I hope it comes down to a kick because this guy… this guy is gonna boot it from 75 yards out EASY. 


PS: In an unreal turn of events, that was back to back Jaguars KICKER blogs. Incredible