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New York Times Does A Study To Find Out What Everyone Already Knew... Boston Is The Most Successful Sports City

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(Source) If you’re a Boston sports fan over the age of 30, it may be emotionally difficult for you to think of your teams as successful. (Disclosure: I am, and it is.) But the facts are pretty clear: Boston is America’s most successful modern sports town. Its teams in the four major pro sports leagues have won championships in an impressive 10 percent of the seasons they’ve played over the last 50 years, the highest share for any city with at least two teams. In the 1960s and 1970s, that success came exclusively from the Celtics. But since 2008, all four teams — Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Red Sox — have won a title. Pittsburgh is second by this 50-year measure, at 8 percent, and Los Angeles third at 6.3 percent. If we expand the universe to include cities with only one team, San Antonio narrowly beats Boston, with titles in 10.6 percent of seasons. Above, we present something of a Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda scatterplot for fans of all cities. It shows both how often a city’s teams have made the semifinals — the final four — in their respective sports and how often they have won a championship over the last half-century.

Pretty interesting report here from the Times, really looking forward to their next few pieces on whether attractive people have sex or rich people spend money. I mean could you possibly pick a more obvious study? Hey that city that’s always in championships and has won basically every title ever, are they the most successful sports city? Let’s investigate! I will admit that the charts are pretty cool to see though, it’s nice to get a visual at just how much of a beatdown we put on the rest of the country. I mean talk about an outlier. If I hadn’t seen the victories with my own eyes I’d be convinced that this was made up. Those charts look like what I imagine Shaq’s middle school class height chart would have looked like: here’s everyone in one big clump and of look at this giant who’s so much bigger and better than everyone else that it’s hard to believe he’s real. Feels good to see on paper.