Weekend Wake Up: One Of The Funniest Music Videos Ever, "Hopeless Wanderer" By Mumford & Sons

I've already crowned "Call On Me" as the best music video ever, but this one is up there for different reasons. HUGE Mumford & Sons guy here, and this is the perfect weather for it. Nice little fall day, crack the windows and let this song bump. Music video starts off normally, and then it quickly transforms into a comedy masterpiece. It's literally a who's who of early 2010s movies. Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte banging out on the banjos. A great cast for a great song. Music video just completes the song too. Not really the guys you would expect to pop up in a music video, but also if you had a gun to you head you probably don't know what Mumford & Sons looks like. An all around hilarious video that makes me laugh every time. Well done M&S.