Brian Ortega Puts On Career-Best Performance Against The Korean Zombie To Earn Himself Another Title Shot

WOW - talk about unexpected!

Out of all of the possibilities tonight’s main event could’ve gone thru, Brian “T-City” Ortega actually out-boxing The Korean Zombie for five straight rounds had to be near the least-predicted of those, right?! I'd imagine Zombie out-grappling Ortega would be the only result we thought was more outta the realm of possibility.

Whether it was the time off, the camp change, or the new haircut....

....Brian Ortega should ABSOLUTELY keep doin what he's doin, because tonight it looked like he completely reinvented himself. 

He was doing those fake takedowns brought up on commentary a bunch, throwing spinning hellbows with MEAN intentions, and just putting everything together in the best way possible. I was majorly impressed.

Much respect to that performance, and for squashing the beef with Zombie afterwards....

Ortega'll get another shot at Featherweight gold now, this time against current champ Alexander Volkanovski. 

Looking forward to that matchup tremendously.