Ozzie Guillen Found Out He Wasn't Being Considered For White Sox Manager Job While He Was Taking A Shit

A few quick notes here:

1. Ozzie was taking a shit when Reinsdorf called him to say he would not be considered *right now* for the White Sox managerial opening. Ozzie Guillen is at the very top of the list for people who take absolutely disgustingly dirty shits. You know how I know that? I was playing against his son (same conference as me) in college and was waiting to use the pisser before a game when out walks Ozzie Guillen who just WRECKED the toilet. It was the most foul, grotesque smell of all time. The smell is burned into my memory and enough to make me wanna vomit to this day. If you could bottle up that smell, it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction in chemical warfare. God awful. 

2. This is the first time Ozzie has publicly said he wants the White Sox (or any) MLB managerial job out loud. We could all tell he wanted it because of how he'd subtly hint at it on pre/post games, but he never outright said it, probably out of respect for Renteria. I do think there is absolutely a spot for Ozzie Guillen as the manager for a team out there, but clearly the White Sox don't think it's them, right now, for this team. To each their own. To me that's Reinsdorf leaving the door open for a potential reuniting of the two parties down the road. Really makes you think...

3. Baseball is better with Ozzie Guillen in it and that's just a fact. He's done and said some dumb shit but has also repented for his words. Dude is as colorful as anyone in baseball and Sox fans will never not love him. Dude just oozes baseball, is a fantastic quote and makes baseball fun. Just a baseball guy through and through. Someone needs to roll the dice on him - whoever does won't regret it. He has an uncanny ability to get the most out of his players and knows how to run a clubhouse. Sure he might not be of the analytical ilk, but he also explained that to us when he was interviewed by us on Red Line Radio for 4 hours last winter. 

Long story short - free Ozzie. SOMEONE needs to free this man. Sure he might take disgusting shits, but baseball is better with him involved in it in some capacity and that's just a fact.