Corey Seager Should Be Getting The Barry Bonds Treatment At This Point

Corey Seager is unconscious right now. Absolutely ridiculous what this man is doing at the plate. In the NLCS alone he’s blasted FIVE homers and driven in 11, hitting over .400. I mean at some point the Braves have to just give up on getting this guy out and award him first base. Just go full Bonds treatment. No one would shame them, there's nothing they can do. 

If Seager is blasting homers off Fried then you know you’ve got no shot. Joe Buck hadn’t even finished talking about the numbers he's been putting up before the Dodgers shortstop blasted his 1st inning bomb into the right field stands. The guy is single handily saving the Dodgers ass right now and trying to force a Game 7 all by himself. LA pounced on the Braves ace for 3 in the first, but Atlanta is mounting their own rally right now. Hey let’s just get to another Game 7, and have some fun shall we?

P.S. Seager is going to get PAID when he's a free agent after next year. Maybe one of the more underrated players in sports when you consider how good he is. Lindor, Correa, Seager, and Story all up next winter. My goodness.