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Mayor Of Akron Ohio Tells On Himself Then Steps Down After Inappropriate "Hug" With Staffer

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AKRON, Ohio — Akron Mayor Garry Moneypenny, five days after taking the city’s top job, announced he will not run in the upcoming election because of a “too personal” encounter with a city employee. 

Moneypenny said that a congratulatory hug in his City Council office on May 24 escalated into an inappropriate encounter. At a press conference Friday he apologized to his family, including his wife of 25 years, and the citizens of Akron. “I have known this employee for over 14 years. We have always had a very professional relationship and I clearly violated a professional and personal boundary,” Moneypenny said. “Words cannot describe the remorse I feel for my actions.”

Moneypenny, formerly City Council president, became mayor Sunday after Mayor Don Plusquellic’s abrupt resignation. His decision not to run opens up the field for another candidate to oppose Councilman Mike Williams, who announced his mayoral campaign last week. Akron Mayor Garry Moneypenny’s “too personal” encounterAkron Mayor Garry Moneypenny announced Friday that he won’t seek election in November after a “too personal” encounter with a city employee in his office.

While Moneypenny said that no one threatened to divulge the encounter, he told media that he believed it would have surfaced in the future.  He defended his decision to remain in office and serve out the remainder of Plusquellic’s seventh term. Moneypenny said he will not seek public office in the future, including his Ward 10 city council seat. “I know this incident calls my character and my trustworthiness into question,” Moneypenny said. “I spent 37 years in law enforcement, I’ve spent years in service to victim’s assistance. I regret violating the very same principles I’ve spent my career upholding.”





NEED to know what happened with this hug. Have to have it. Was it an awkward “I’m going to try and kiss you because I totally misread this situation” thing? Or did Mayor Moneypenny (boss name btw) get full on blown? That’s the spectrum. He either took a shot in the dark to have some congratulatory mayor sex and missed or it went all the way and then the woman started having second thoughts about the morals of fucking a married man and gabbed around town. And now we’re all stuck wanting more. What a fucking idiot, you’re not the President dude. You’re the Mayor of Akron Ohio. If you’re going to tell on yourself you might as well go all the way, give us the details and don’t step down. That’s what a real American would do. This is absolutely pathetic.


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If it honestly was simply a “hug” like all the reports are saying this guy is the biggest loser of all time, bar none.


h/t James