Happy 10/17 From My 17 Favorite Gucci Mane Songs

I think these were the first three Gucci Mane videos someone ever showed me... and boy was a young kid from St. Louis confused/intrigued.  The giant stomach, the Bart Simpson chain, the entire thing was just amazing to me.  This dude was unlike anything I had ever seen.  There were rumors this dude had killed someone and got away with it, he was larger than life.  At that point, Freaky Gurl Remix was getting big and I started learning about So Icy and you would hear "Bitch I Might Be" all around from car speakers everywhere.  The tough thing about summarizing a guy like Gucci's career or best songs into one blog is that there are literally 1000's of tracks that have been released in the past 15 years to pick from.  Everybody has their own experience and history with him.  Radric Davis has gone on to have many different eras, but he's consistently been an enormous presence for a decade plus when it come to the Rap industry, as an artist, mentor, and as a huge influence on every rapper that comes out.  Happy 10/17 Gucci!!!

Now that Gucci home its over for you Gucci clones! Happy 1017 to Gucci Mane LaFlare.