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January Jones, Michelle Monaghan, Kate Hudson, And Tons Of Other Celebrities Show Off Their Boobies To "Save The Boobies"

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, these stunning women partnered with Kit Undergarments to show their boobies in order to, in the always cute/hot/sexy Michelle Monaghan's words, "save the boobies." 

PAGE SIX - Throughout the month of October, the brand will donate 5% of all sales to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, along with an additional $1 each time someone posts a photo in their underwear using the hashtag #kitstokickcancer and tagging @kitundergarments.

Honestly, I don't even know how breast cancer is still a thing when everyone wants to save breasts and everyone either has or loves somebody who has breasts. As a society we don't agree on much, but I think we can all agree that breasts are AWESOME! Men love them because they're sexual, women love them because they're sensual, and babies love them because they contain their source of life. How have we not raised enough money to find the cure and get rid of this shit disease?!! 

Especially when we have half-naked women talking about motorboating!

So please make a donation today to the Women's Cancer Research Fund or purchase some sweet "You're The Tits" merch and feel good knowing 100% of the proceeds go straight to Roots & Wings, an organization that provides emotional and physical wellness relief to women with breast cancer.

And maybe next time we'll do a little better than a sorority pose…