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Taking You Into The Weekend With A Behind The Scenes Look At The Lakers Title

Look, am I sick about talking about the Lakers and their title? Of course. This has been by far the most challenging week of my blogging career. How could it not be. But here's the thing. It's not everyday that we get this sort of behind the scenes look of a team winning a championship. I said it at the beginning of the bubble how I was fascinated by the players vlogs that were coming out of Orlando. It truly is a unique time in the league's history. 

So now that JaVale McGee put out his season finale and it just so happens to be about the night they won the title, I had to hate watch it. I also know there are some Lakers stoolies that probably can't get enough Lakers content and last time I checked all pageviews count. Plus, if my favorite team won the title I would be blogging every single goddamn thing that was even somewhat related to it. At least I'm fair. 

I now look forward to forgetting this ever happened. Have a great weekend everybody!