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The Nats Magic Number is 10 And They Are Going For The Sweep Of The Braves Right Now

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The Nationals are plain scary right now. Since removing Soriano from the closer role, Drew Storen has gone 9 up and 9 down with 6 of those outs as Ks. Soriano might never see the field again, which is pretty much the final piece to this Nationals puzzle. When you have an unhittable bullpen and a lineup that is stacked top to bottom, and Ryan Zimmerman coming back for the playoffs, there aren’t many changes to make. This team should be in it for the long haul.

As I type this, Stephen Strasburg is dealing straight fire. Vintage Strasburg. No early innings jitters. Everything is clicking for this team. They are peaking at the right time with everyone playing their role perfectly. Even with injuries to key players all season, they still lead the NL in run differential with a +109. The next closest? The Dodgers +68.

Meanwhile, across town, the O’s magic number is a big fat 8. Weird time we live in.


PS: The Nats blue jerseys with the American flag curly W with the white pants and red socks is the freshest look in the league.

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