I've Made A Bet With Browns Fans I May Regret

Browns fans and Steelers fans are always talking smack to one another. 

Mostly Browns fans, of course, and mostly with no real reason to justify their smack talk besides being so miserably terrible that's all they can do to get themselves from one Sunday to another while the Steelers and their fans laugh in their faces. 

But this Week 6 matchup in the year of 2020 has a liiiittle bit of a different feel to it even I'll admit because, well, the Browns are...good?

4-1. They have an "identity" football guys would say. They run the ball. They get after the QB. They're 4-1. 

So of course I'm going to be having bets thrown my way from the "Dawg Pound" leading up to this weekend, and I just made one I may really regret. 

First it started with the initial offer. 

Fair. But it didn't strike me as the stakes being high enough to bet on. These things only work when the stakes are HIGH, high. So I let him know if we're going to do this, we might as well make it worthwhile and well...

Now we're talking. This is commitment. This is something both parties would dread. Me having to wear that poop brown backwards hat guy jersey EVERY Sunday while watching the Steelers?


Them having to rock Big Ben on the set of their Cleveland fanbase show? Even worse.

This is a bet. Although, it could be worse. Tattoos, haircuts, eating shit…all things that have been talked about before and could have been on the table. 

But now it's settled. Steelers win and I'll swim in the tears of Cleveland fans with joy and tune in at the top of the show to laugh at the site of ol' Big Ben's 7 on their show while that dumb little elf mascot sits atop their desk. 

Browns win and…I don't think the Browns will win.