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In A Shocking Turn Of Events, The Buffalo Bills Have Turned Heel And Are Reportedly Filing To Trademark The Term "Bills Mafia"

I think I speak for all 32 NFL fanbases as well as people who don't care about football but fell in love with a bunch of Buffalo wildlings putting each other through tables and all other sorts of drunken tomfoolery when I say FUCK THIS. Bills Mafia feels like one of those things you shouldn't be allowed to trademark, like the sun or having fun. The orgy of Zubaz, booze, debauchery, and Bills fandom, commonly referred to as Bills Mafia, feels like one of those things that should be above being trademarked and should never be allowed in a court of law. 

The worst part about all of this is that the Bills are pulling this legal stunt the minute they went from being the fun underdogs that everybody rooted to circle the wagons into a legitimate AFC contender with a 10 foot MVP candidate quarterback. This is like watching Peter Pan leave the Lost Boys in Neverland to see about a girl and then grow up to become a lawyer. As the official juju detector for Barstool, everything about this feels wrong. Bad Juju City mere days before the Bills host the Super Bowl champion Chiefs in a weird coroanvirus delayed game on Monday night. The Bills need to either kill this trademark request before it goes any further or complete it so they can open it up as public domain to ensure Bills Mafia will never be owned by one person. Because Bills Mafia isn't a term that can be trademarked. It's a way of life, that many would say is the best way of life.

UPDATE: After I finished writing this blog, the creator of Bills Mafia tweeted that the Bills reached out the him and are trying to not make this some ugly corporate takeover. 

We'll see...

h/t Dave