In The Mood To Get Irrationally Angry? Watch This Guy's Insufferable TikToks

Look, there's a lot of bad TikToks out there. Some would argue that all of TikTok is stupid. I vehemently disagree with that and think there's a lot of entertaining and funny content on the app once you wade through the garbage and get a curated "For You" page with videos you'll actually like. I can admit though that a LOT of TikToks are bad. There's a lot of bad dancing. There's a lot of recycled material. There's a lot of weird, dark underworld shit. There's a guy who thinks he's the king of seduction that will make you cringe with every word that leaves his mouth. But there is nobody. And I mean NOBODY worse than this fucking guy. 

Meet Bentellect. I hate his guts. 

All of his TikToks are exactly that. Finding the most unoriginal, non-funny viral tweets that anyone with any semblance of a good sense of humor wouldn't even chuckle at. They're the cheesy tweets that clog up your Instagram feed on meme pages. They're the tweets that KB made fun of to gain his following. They are the worst tweets that have now been turned into the worst TikToks.

You can look through his profile for yourself, but they are all the same shit. 

The tweets themselves are bad enough. But the TikToks are even worse. It's just fake laughs again and again and again. And it's not even the type of fake laugh where it's clear that he's sarcastically mocking the tweets, knowing they're unfunny drivel. He actually thinks the tweets are funny! And he adds nothing of value to the TikToks! He probably finds these tweets off dumbass meme pages and then records himself fake laughing at them with the green screen feature. It's the lowest form of effort and creativity that exists on TikTok. And yet people eat this shit up!

He has THREE MILLION FOLLOWERS. His videos routinely get millions of views and likes. HOW? HOW?!?! HOW?!?! How can anyone find this entertaining. How can anyone respect this man as a creator? 

I'm going to do you a favor. Here's what you need to do tonight. Text one of his videos to someone you're close to. A friend. A family member. A boyfriend/girlfriend. A spouse. Whomever it maybe. Ask them if they think it is funny. If they say yes, cut them out of your life entirely. Divorce if necessary. You just cannot associate with or respect any person that finds those videos funny. It boggles my mind. 

Now I know what you might be thinking, "Tommy, you're just jealous that he has millions of followers for this stupid shit while you are stuck at 36K despite your brilliant, clever, and creative videos that get stolen and remade by TikTokers with bigger followings and they get all the credit for your genius ideas." 

Yes, that is correct.