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VIDEO: A Great White Annihilated A Seal 5 Feet Off The Beach In Provincetown, Massachusetts

What an absolute bloodbath.  Its no secret by now that Great Whites have been increasing in numbers off of Massachusetts in the past decade due to the resurgence of seals that this stretch of coastline has experienced.  I've blogged about it at length a few times over the past couple years, and its not something that is going away.  Videos like these above are going to become even more common and as long as everybody is safe, that is AWESOME.  Great Whites are the supreme predator of the entire animal kingdom in my mind.  Look at some of these pictures/videos from the past couple years, they are incredible.

Each one of those videos is more impressive than the last.  These animals are amazing beyond words. Stay "Shark Smart" as they say on Cape Cod and both the swimmers, and the finned swimmers will be able to co-exist.