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The Nuggets Social Media Team Giving A Giant Middle Finger To One Of The Best Players In Franchise History Is Amazing

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If there's one thing we know it's that when it comes to being petty, few do it better than the NBA. That apparently extends to the social media accounts of their teams. As someone who loves a good grudge, I found this tweet from the Nuggets fantastic. It's hard to argue with any of the players shown in that graphic. All are Nuggets legends to some degree. You have almost every era covered with Nick Van Exel, Dikembe, Alex English (best Nugget ever), Jokic, and Chauncey Billups (a Denver native). But I can't help but notice there is a certain someone missing.

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What a move not including Melo in that graphic. Obviously Melo's time in Denver didn't exactly end well, but he's still

6th in games played (more than anyone in this graphic not named Alex English)

3rd in FGM (more than anyone in this graphic not named Alex English)

3rd in FTM (more than anyone in this graphic not named Alex English)

7th in STL (more than anyone in this graphic not named Alex English)

3rd in PTS (more than anyone in this graphic not named Alex English)

Averaged 27 a game (highest on team) during their 2008-09 WCF run which was their deepest run since 1984-85.

Billups is for sure a Nuggets and Denver legend, but he wasn't better than young prime Melo. When you think of that era of Nuggets basketball you think about two things. Melo and losing in the first round. Chauncey only played a total of 5 seasons in DEN and they were broken up into two stints that were 10 years apart. Whoever the person was that hit send on that tweet knew exactly what they were doing and I love them for it. This is the type of shit we need in the NBA offseason. We won't have basketball again until like mid January so I'll take some pettiness on social media to hold me over until then.

It also should be mentioned that not having Fat Lever in that picture is a huge miss

All time leader in Nuggets triple doubles (Jokic is about to pass him) and steals. Second all time in Nuggets assists, seventh in FGM/Points and 10th in rebounding. Fat Lever was awesome. 

But this is about the shade being thrown at Melo. It's been nearly a decade since Melo demanded his way to New York and I guess there are some things that people never forget. Even if you think this is silly, you have to respect the grudge. This is why being alive in 2020 when it comes to sports is awesome. I didn't wake up this morning thinking we were going to see a team account basically give the middle finger to one of its best players in franchise history, but here we are.