John Smoltz Came Up With A Revolutionary New App That Could Change The World During Last Night's NLCS Broadcast

In the middle of Game 4 of the NLCS between the Braves and Dodgers, Hall of Fame pitcher and FOX analyst John Smoltz decided he has had enough of all the armchair quarterbacks second-guessing decisions. So to give these people a platform to say in real-time what they would do, Smoltz came up with a pretty great idea:

"I want someone to develop an app for all the second-guessers and the know-it-alls that are in our world so that they can ... timestamp it, 'This is what I would do,'" Smoltz said. "All the people can talk about afterwards what they would do. So somebody out there — I know somebody's smart enough — get an app so that we can get all the second-guessers and armchair quarterbacks to tell you step-by-step what they would do right now."

So just to be clear, Smoltz is advocating for the creation of some sort of internet platform where people can get out short thoughts — with timestamps — in a quick period of time to broadcast their thoughts that will likely later be proven incorrect. You know, the more I think about it, something like that might really work, especially for sports fans. Somebody might want to get on that.

I actually have a somewhat similar idea I've been sitting on that I've been waiting for the right time to share. All I need is a little bit of help on the tech side, but I think an app that essentially would allow anyone in major cities to become a taxi driver — just using their own cars and driving whenever they want to — could really make a splash. It's a bit out there, but I really believe in it. I can't believe I just gave that out for free, nobody steal it please.

If a platform such as the one Smoltz is describing did exist already, I'd probably be inclined to make my own predictions about the NLCS on there, which would be 100 percent correct.