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Nature Must Be Healing Because We Officially Have A New Melo Workout Video

Ah yes, this is how you know things are getting back to normal. The NBA offseason never truly starts until we get video of players working out against no defense in a gym. Boogie got the ball rolling a few days ago

but everyone knows Melo is the KING of the solo workout video. Shit, his shooting in a gym against no defense basically got him a NBA roster spot. Workout Melo/Hoodie Melo/Beanie Melo is a goddamn legend. That guy might be the best player on the planet, forget LeBron. 

Well now that Melo is back to being a free agent, it's time to get in the gym, fire up the camera and blast his workout all over social media. If it ain't broke don't fix it. You're fooling yourself if you think there isn't a GM that's going to see Melo's workout videos, watch some tape of his Blazers experience, and give him a shot.

Speaking of that Blazers experience, how would you say it went? The advanced metrics certainly weren't kind to Melo, but he did sort of fill the role he was asked to do. I mean 15/6 on 43/38% is more than enough given the fact that Melo is 35 and hadn't played in forever. In the playoffs he put up 15/5 on 41/42%. He probably did enough to warrant another deal from the Blazers or some other team looking for veteran bench help. Melo certainly looked better in POR than he did in HOU or OKC it seemed.

Would it shock anyone if Melo found his way to the Lakers bench? Especially if they end up trading Kuzma or losing some guys in free agency. LeBron saw first hand that Melo has something left in the tank, that wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world. He can fill the JR Smith/Dion Waiters role and probably even be a little more effective.

I'm just glad workout SZN is back. It's one of the best parts of the NBA offseason. Nothing gets the blood flowing like seeing players on your favorite team never miss in a workout. Almost nothing seems normal in this fucked up world, so seeing stuff like this is comforting. Let the fun begin.