Holy SHIT! Do Not Fall In The Water Behind This Shrimp Boat

Whenever it gets to Thursday/Friday, your weekend plans really start coming into clarity.  This time of year it could be apple picking, maybe a haunted house, or maybe you are thinking of doing some diving practice behind this Shrimp boat.  Well I'm going to lend a friendly suggestion and throw out the idea of eliminating that last option.  I don't want to be a controlling influence on your life, I'm just giving out an opinion, and I think it would be best to maybe hit the pumpkin patch instead.

Shrimp boats are a popular place for sharks to aggregate around due to the huge amount of bait thrown overboard when they dispose of the bycatch.  Pounds and pounds of food is literally dumped directly in their mouths, and when you are a predator that needs protein and fuel to survive, it is EXTREMELY efficient to not have to catch and kill your prey.  Believe it or not, but living behind a seafood buffet is extremely helpful to a shark's life.

So whatever you do this weekend, think of a few alternatives before taking your sweetheart snorkeling behind a shrimp boat!  

P.S. (Even if you did, you will probably still be ok.  This video is scary looking but they don't want to eat you)