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The Dak v Dalton Debate Is Dumb And Distracts From What’s Really Wrong With the Cowboys

I don’t even want to be writing about this, it’s so dumb. But here we are. Both Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless have made this a focus of recent shows.

I’m talking about Dak vs. Dalton, and it’s as much of a nothing debate as you’re ever going to find. I don’t even like having to address it, but here we are.

There are really two arguments going on, one is really bad, and the other is just … a nothing discussion. 

The first is from Colin Cowherd, who is comparing Dak’s first four years to Andy Dalton’s, as if that has anything whatsoever to do with how well Andy Dalton can play at age 32. It’s classic sports radio “hot take” arguing for argument’s sake. It has no bearing on anything other than dusting off stats that really can’t be compared, and don’t mean anything to anyone but hard core stat geeks.

The second argument, the one espoused by Bruce Gradkowski on Undisputed, is whether the Cowboys are better off with Dalton under center. Of course they aren’t. No one on earth starts Dalton over a healthy Dak Prescott. 

Skip and Shannon’s point, however, is that Dalton is one of the best backups in the league and that given much easier the schedule gets, and how the offense will be Zeke centric from here on out, there is a possibility that the outside world may say that “Dalton is just as good as Dak so why should we pay him?”. Shannon’s point is that there is no comparison between the two QBs because Dalton will be asked to do very different things than Dak has, things that we know Andy Dalton is not capable of. 

Yep. That is true. But what exactly is the point of this? To me it’s just more of the same. The world seems fascinated with the Dallas and Dak saga and whether he deserves to be paid like a franchise QB. Anytime producers can find ways to bring this topic up as fodder for sports talk debate, they will. It’s not dissimilar to Jordan versus Lebron randomly coming up on a slow news day. 

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And just like Lebron v Jordan, this debate will resurface a dozen or more times before the end of the season. It’s the nature of hot take culture.

But as a Cowboys fan, none of this is meaningful. The defense is STILL trash and will continue to let any team they play put up 40 burgers which mostly will lead to Ls. This is a 7-9 team. Sorry Colin Cowherd, that record is not going to fuel controversy. It’s VERY hard to say that Andy Dalton is the QB of the future when the team can’t even get to .500. Hard to say he should replace Dak when the team barely squeaks into the playoffs  ONLY because the rest of the teams in the division are TRASHHHH. And there it is, the very sad truth that dawned on me even before Dak got hurt. 

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The Cowboys are a .500 team and until a lot of holes get fixed, the quarterback is the LAST thing that we should be discussing. 

PS the one bright spot of the year is Ceedee Lamb… Go get your Cee Deez Nuts shirt below: