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Tim Tebow Puts KFC Radio's Answer The Internet In A Camel Clutch By Asking Only The Hardest Questions

I gotta admit… Im not sure. 

On one hand, I love respect. On the other hand, I need to be liked. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked, but it's not like this compulsive need to be liked, like my need to be praised so Im not sure, Tim. 

Let's break it down a little further. Which reminds me: earlier in the week, Kmarko asked the question, and I am now ready to give my response. 

Further is when the area of distance is undefined or figurative and farther is when the area is of distance is defined or literal. Hope that helps. 

In this line of work, engagement is key. I can't go into my yearly meeting with Dave that I've never had and say, "Look. I got 16 respects on this blog that I wrote about Bill Clinton sticking a cigar in someone's pussy." Respects don't pay the bills and Clickman Always Gets Paid. He OR SHE is kinda like the Boardman in that regard. 

So, I think I know my answer. I would rather get 110 likes than 34 respects because 110 likes usually gets you a little respect from the bosses. At least that's been my hypothetical experience here at the ole blogging factory. 

Anyway, my next blog comes out in 3 minutes. ENJOY!